When a dank autumn day and a romantic spring evening, when a sleepy winter morning, and even sultry summer night, nice to treat yourself to a good sauna...

Our hotel complex "Central" really proud of its sauna. We tried to make fun of taking water treatments succeeded each other as much as possible smoothly, when you can take hot steam in the cozy embraces of hamam, and then - in the fresh coolness of the pool with sparkling geysers. Visit our sauna - and you will re-born!


We are working in non-stop mode, 24 hours a day. Number of visitors - up to 6 people.

The cost of sauna order:

Monday to Friday from 08-00 to 17-00 hours
1,100 rubles per hour

Monday-Friday from 17-00 to 07-00 hours
1500 rubles per hour

Friday after 17-00
1700 rubles per hour.

Weekends and holidays
1700 rubles per hour.

When visiting the sauna by more than 6 persons, for each additional visitor will be charged 200 rubles per hour.

When ordering a sauna for 3 hours or longer, the third and subsequent hours will receive a 20% discount.

Order a sauna are available by calling (42622) 03-04-30.

We are waiting for your visit!